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Physical Security is an integral part of an overall system of protection of our property and personnel against unwanted intrusion or damage. It is essential that any security system be well planned and implemented to provide the most effective protection possible, while taking into consideration such vital elements as cost and aesthetics. While a physical barrier may be a major deterrent to intrusion, for example, it is not always practical or possible to line a business or home perimeter with a barbed wire fence. A fine-tuned security apparatus can provide protection while maintaining aesthetics.

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Physical Security can include:
• Barriers, such as fencing and walls,
• Electronic entry systems and access control,
• Surveillance, including CCTV
• Lighting,
• Alarm systems, and
• Security personnel.

Belcastro Security Services can help analyze, implement and maintain a physical security plan that makes sense for your specific needs. Whether you need to secure your business or home, Belcastro Security Services can help. Call us for a free consultation.

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