Why Trust a Commercial Security Company for Your Business

By February 27, 2020Security Services
CCTV Camera Operating inside a station or department store

All businesses are vulnerable to instances of crime, theft, or assault. As a business owner, you are obligated to secure your business and protect your employees from these risks. That’s why commercial security companies exist, to look after security threats like robberies, fire, violence, etc. while you take care of business operations.

Here are some ways a business security company in Boulder can help you:

24/7 Security

Hiring a security company gives you protection and surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even beyond operational or store hours. The security team can monitor things happening in and around your establishment, office or premises. Also, their services can extend beyond security guards to wireless alarm systems etc.

Emergency Response

Business security companies provide personnel and professionals who are trained to handle and quickly respond to emergency situations. The security team on site is trained for evacuation in case of fire, CPR or first-aid to patients in need, and will keep the situation under control while ensuring that everyone remains safe.

Crime Prevention

A commercial security company will secure all your valuables, assets, confidential information and preserve the privacy of your business while also looking out for any suspicious activities or persons. This not only protects the company from crimes but from losses as well.


As one of the top commercial security companies in Boulder, CO, Belcastro Security Services helps businesses protect their employees and assets. Our mission is to provide reasonable, affordable security systems that protect your investment.

Our team of expert professionals will thoroughly evaluate your organization’s current systems and procedures to deter, detect, delay and deny any sort of risk or threat, both internal and external.

Our areas of expertise include Physical Security, Security Force Management, Terrorism Countermeasures, Specialized Education & Training, Safety Audits & Programs, and Workplace Violence Countermeasures. From industrial, banking, healthcare, retail and everything in between, we can provide a package tailor-fit to your specific needs and requirements.

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