The Importance of Motion Detectors in Your Home Security System

By October 17, 2019Security Services
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A motion sensor, or motion detector, can play a major role in your home security system. It is a device that detects the presence of an intruder through their movement in an area within the sensors range. When a sensor detects movement, it trips and sends a signal to the monitoring center of your security system which in turn alerts you to the presence of a potential threat.

What’s the Role of Motion Sensors in Home Security?

Motion detection is mainly intended to sense the presence of intruders or unauthorized individuals in specific areas. These devices are designed to monitor areas in your home when you are away or asleep. Some advanced security systems can even be programmed to record events with a security camera when the sensor detects motion. These are highly recommended by top security systems companies like a home security provider in Boulder CO homeowners trust.

Unlike dogs or security guards, motion sensors cannot stop burglary, vandalism or felony, but they are an effective deterrent to crimes and malicious acts. They are always on guard and ready to react when they sense that something is moving near or towards your doors, windows and other critical areas in your home.

The Benefits of Using Motion Sensors at Home

Improved Security

Home invaders, vandals, burglars and unscrupulous individuals love to get into residences when owners are away. When they commit their crime, they don’t want to be seen or someone might tip off the authorities and have them apprehended. For this reason, it is always a good idea to surround your home with exterior lighting – especially ones that are activated by a motion sensor when someone comes too close to vulnerable areas on your property.

Added Convenience

A motion sensor eliminates the need for someone inside your home to switch on the exterior light if you arrive home at night. Having lights that come on automatically as you arrive makes it easier for you to unload things such as belongings and groceries from your car.

A motion detector enhances your convenience because they are portable and easy to install. You can place them anywhere you want without outrageous costs. Having a motion detector is comparable to having a watchdog – without the noise and hassles of owning a pet!

Energy Savings

As you may have observed, the exterior lights of homeowners that don’t have motion sensors are often kept on all night long, and have to be manually switched off every morning. This added hassle doesn’t really matter day to day, but if you consider the cost of having those lights on every night, it’s a cost that can add up.

Having exterior lighting that’s activated by motion sensors provides better security, the same degree of safety, and less energy consumption which translates to lower costs.

Burglary is one of the most prevalent crimes committed on residential properties in the U.S. today. In fact, it happens almost 5,000 times on a daily basis. Don’t allow your home to be part of this statistic, install a home security system now!

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